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Local Government Observer Corps

LWV ABC began an Observer Corps to understand how the Anoka County Board of Commissioners works, inform the community, and make knowledgeable requests for changes. The corps comprises league and community volunteers who observe specific meetings. During the meetings, corps observers complete evaluation forms detailing specific criteria. The forms are used to create a report of county actions and procedures and recommend meeting protocol changes.

While LWV ABC continues to observe Anoka County Board meetings, we are asking members who are interested in observing local meetings such as city councils, local boards, school district meetings, etc. to join the observer corps and to report back to LWV ABC on your observations. Send an email to and we will provide the training to be an impartial observer.

Letter to Anoka County Board of Commissioners concerning transparency in decision making - August 29, 2017

After two years of observations, LWV ABC sent the following letter to the Anoka County Commissioners. LWV ABC members met with Jerry Soma, Anoka County Administrator, on October 31, and continues to work with the county to address the issues noted in the letter.

County Commissioner Letter Aug 29 2017

Summary of October 31, 2017, meeting with Anoka County Staff and Commissioners

Letter to County Commissioners expressing concern with the lack of open process for appointment of the County Administrator - March 22, 2019

Long-time Anoka County Administrator Jerry Soma is retiring, effective May 1, 2019. The County Board will be considering two competing resolutions at their March 26 meeting. The first initiates a low-key internal search for candidates, the second appoints current County Board Chair Rhonda Sivarajah to the post. This letter provides LWV ABC's position on this process.

County Commissioner Letter March 22, 2019

Observer Corps Meeting Report Form

Observer Corps members who attend a local meeting please use this form to report what you saw: