Making Democracy Work

Program Meeting Video

The League of Women Voters Anoka, Blaine, Coon Rapids has monthly program meetings which often include guest speakers. Our guest speakers are recorded and aired by local cable television.

2019 Program Meeting Videos

A Primer on the Presidential Primary
36 minutes; December 10, 2019; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

LWV ABC President Gretchen Sabel interviews Anoka County Elections Manager Paul Linnell about what to expect with the Presidential Primary.

Climate Change - You Can Make a Difference 43 minutes, November 11, 2019; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

LWVABC President Gretchen Sabel provides a short climate change introduction and Peggy Kvam from LWV Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Hopkins presents information about her "better than Net Zero" home that's winning national recognition.

Climate Change Powerpoint Presentation

Transformative Circle - Reaching Across Race, Culture and Class 48 minutes; October 14, 2019; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Lori Anderson, founder of Transformative Circle, shares how this grass-roots organization in Coon Rapids is working towards building a strong, diverse community.

2020 Census Forum 63 minutes; September 9, 2019; produced by CTN, Coon Rapids, MN

Panelists Andrew Verdin, Director of Census Operations at the Minnesota State Demographer's Office; Kathy Tingelstad, former Minnesota State Legislator; Matt Brown, Coon Rapids Economic Development Coordinator; and Amir Malik, Civil Rights Attorney discuss the 2020 Census.

Accepting and Supporting Transgender Issues 25 minutes; June10, 2019; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Pam Riddle, the mother of a transgender youth, shares what she does to be an ally for her daughter and to advocate for her effectively.

Recycling in Anoka County 63 minutes; March 11, 2019; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Maggie Yauk, Planning and Policy Specialist with Anoka County's Recycling & Resource Solutions and Colleen Sinclair, Recycling Coordinator for City of Coon Rapids, discuss current issues with recycling, how cities and the county work together, new programs, funding, composting, and more.

Solar Energy by Connexus 35 minutes; February 11, 2019; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Brian Burandt, Connexus Energy Power Supply and Business vice president, discusses the firm's initiatives on solar energy and battery storage, and provides an overview on the status of using coal for generating electricity.

2018 Program Meeting Videos

Ranked Choice Voting 81 minutes; October 11, 2018; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Keeping our Kids Safe from Gun Violence 55 minutes; July 9, 2018; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Mary Cook and Jefferson Fietek, Sandy Hook Promise Ambassadors from Sandy Hook Promise Anoka-Hennepin Branch, discuss programs offered by Sandy Hook Promise that address issues of student isolation, de-escaluation of students in crisis, suicide prevention and knowing the signs to look for when a student is considering hurting themselves or others.

Minnesota 1989 Groundwater Protection Act 46 minutes; 2018; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Gretchen Sabel, LWV ABC member, and retired Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Policy Analyst, discusses what the 1989 Minnesota Ground Water Protection Act was meant to do, where there's been success and where more work is needed.

Redistricting 72 minutes; March 12, 2018; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Annastacia Belladonna-Carrera, Common Cause Minnesota executive director, speaks about drawing fair district maps when redrawing the boundaries of congressional and legislative districts in response to changes in population.

Money in Politics 47 minutes; February 12, 2018; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Nick Harper, Civic Engagement Manager for League of Women Voters Minnesota, discusses money in politics.

2017 Program Meeting Videos

Minnesota Health Care and Affordability 103 minutes; July 10, 2017; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

State senators Jim Abeler (R-35) and Carolyn Laine (D-41) discuss the current status of health care and prospects for future legislation.

Community Update on Behavioral Health 86 minutes; March 13, 2017; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN.

Rob Edward, Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health and Well Being executive director, and Scott Nadeau, Columbia Heights police chief, discuss different aspects of behavioral health concerns.

Anoka Country Drinking Water Supply Protection 63 minutes; February 13, 2017; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN.

Jamie Schurbon, Anoka Conservation District water resource specialist, and Tannie Eshnauer, Minnesota Department of Health Drinking Water Protection planning director, speak on drinking water safety issues in Anoka County communities.

2016 Program Meeting Video

A Strong Start 55 minutes; September 14, 2016; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN.

Corleen Smith, International Institute of Minnesota Immigration services director, explains the services that the Institute provides to refugees settling in Minnesota.

Get Ready to Vote 30 minutes; July 7, 2016; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Citizens give many compelling reasons to vote. Geri Nelson, LWV ABC Voter Service co-chair, interviews Secretary of State Steve Simon to provide comprehensive information on voting in Minnesota.

Water Resources in the QCTV Area: Updates and Opportunities 35 minutes; May 9, 2016; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN.

Todd Haas Todd, Lower Rum River Water Management Organization chair, explains the purpose of the 16 Minnesota watershed organizations in the seven-county Metro area and issues related particularly with the Lower Rum River watershed.

Caucus: Power Up Your Vote 32 minutes; February 10, 2016; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

Information on the March 1 2016, precinct caucuses is provided by then-LWV Minnesota Executive Director Susan Sheridan Tucker, and representatives from the Republican and Democratic Farmers League (DFL) parties.

Campaign Finance Reform 75 minutes; January 14, 2016; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN.

Gary Goldsmith, Minnesota Campaign Finance Board executive director, State Representative Jerry Newton and former State Representative Kathy Tingelstad participate in a panel discussion.

2015 Program Meeting Video

League of Women Voters Upper Mississippi River Region Inter League Organization 22 minutes; November 19, 2015

Gretchen Sabel, an LWV ABC member, explains the purpose of the League of Women Voters Upper Mississippi River Region Inter League Organization (ILO). The ILO promotes and advocates on issues relating to a large portion of the Mississippi.

The Importance of Staying Restless About Democracy 68 minutes; October 15, 2015; organized by LWV ABC; produced by QCTV.

Guest speaker is Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon.

Safe Passage for Minnesota Children: 43 minutes; May 22, 2015; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN.

Guest speaker is Executive Director Rich Gehrman at Safe Passage for Minnesota Children, an organization devoted to improving the Minnesota child welfare system.

Water Resources + Next Steps for Water Supply and Environmental Integrity 60 minutes; February 18, 2015; produced by QCTC, Andover, MN.

Guest speakers are Lanya Ross, Metropolitan Council geologist and Bart Biernat, Anoka County environmental health specialist.

Restore the Vote: Making Our Community Whole 25 minutes; February 12, 2015; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

School Counselor Legislation
60 minutes; January 27, 2015; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN

The League of Women Voters (Anoka, Blaine, Coon Rapids) examines the shortage of school counselors in Minnesota. Jeorgette Knoll moderates and her guests include State Senator Alice Johnson, Representative Jerry Newton, Director of Mental Health for District 11 Nita Kumar, MSCA President Jim Bierma, and Executive Director of NAML, Sue Abderholden.

2014 Program Meeting Video

LWV ABC Pollinator Advocacy Project: 60 minutes; December 21, 2014; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN.

Discussion among the League of Women Voters and industry professionals about how to help the decreasing bee population.

Community Conversation: Sex Trafficking 80 minutes; July 24, 2014; produced by QCTV, Andover, MN.