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Voter Information

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, your address, your name? You can do those voting activities and much more at the following locations:

Register to vote or change your voter registration online, learn about day-of-election voting requirements, obtain sample ballots, and locate where to cast your ballot.

ANOKA COUNTY RESIDENTS: Anoka County Elections and Voter Registration

HENNEPIN COUNTY RESIDENTS: Hennepin County Prepare to Vote

Confidential and Public Voter Information

Public Information
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number (if you provided when you registered to vote)
  • Birth year
  • Which elections you have voted in

Confidential Information
  • How you voted, such as the candidate you voted for or if you submitted a write-in candidate
  • Email address (If you provided when you registered to vote)

Information released to Major Political Parties
  • Your Presidential Primary party preference
  • Public Information (Name, Address, Phone Number,Birth year, Which elections you have voted in)

Voters with Safety Concerns
If you have safety concerns, your contact information may be kept confidential through the Safe at Home program.

Presidential Nomination Primary

On March 3, 2020, Minnesota will hold its first Presidential Nomination Primary to vote for each major party's nominee for President.
  • Only major political parties will participate.
  • You will vote at your regular polling place.
  • Each party will have its own ballot.
  • You will be required to request the ballot of the party of your choice.
  • Your ballot will only list nominees for President for the party you request.

More Information

LWV ABC President Gretchen Sabel interviews Anoka County Elections Manager Paul Linnell about what to expect with the Presidential Primary.


Guest speaker is Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon.

In this video, citizens give many compelling reasons to vote. Additionally, Geri Nelson, LWV ABC Voter Service co-chair, interviews Secretary of State Steve Simon to provide comprehensive information on voting in Minnesota.

Information on the upcoming March 1 2016, precinct caucuses is provided by then-LWV Minnesota Executive Director Susan Sheridan Tucker, and representatives from the Republican and Democratic Farmers League (DFL) parties.